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Meta Games

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road 

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre


Trading Card Store specializing in graded cards and exclusive promo cards. We send PSA submissions monthly and source for promo cards not easily available. 



1 / What is the PO policy?

All items on PO are subject to a back-order period indicated on the item itself. Please only purchase if comfortable with funds being held for the back-order period. Any refunds or chargebacks made during this period will result in a blacklist for the buyer. 

In the case the orders cannot be fulfilled by then, the money paid we be refunded in full. 

2 / How do I make cash payments?

Payments can be made to the UEN indicated in the checkout page. 

3 / How will I know if my item is ready for collection?

A pickup ready email will be sent upon arrival of the item in shop. Collections MUST be done within 1 month of notification, else the item will be deemed to have been forfeited and the monies will not be refunded. 

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